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How to organize your conference call

> Pre-plan. Write a brief outline of what you would like to cover and in which order the conference call should be done. Make the conference call both positive and interesting.
> Determine approximate length of conference call.
> Select time/date that is convenient for participants.
> Notify all parties by phone or email the time and date of the conference. Give ample notice, if possible.
> Set a specific weekly or monthly time if possible.

Once the conference has started

> Start conference by taking roll call.
> Ask everyone to place their handset on mute unless they are speaking.
> Ask participants to try and limit their speaking to less than 3 minutes.
> Ask everyone to hold his or her questions till a specified time, when the floor will be open.
> Everyone who speaks should introduce himself or herself before speaking.
> Begin with agenda and how long you anticipate the call to be.
> Begin your conference and remember YOU are the coordinator of this conference.
> Be sure to schedule your next conference before ending the call.
> Adjourn.